Starting March 1, Delta Air Lines will begin offering free meals to passengers in coach for the transcontinental flights. The meal plan was given a test run on some flights to get passengers’ reaction, and they responded favorably. Delta plans to offer breakfast plates with a sandwich, fruit and cheese; and a veggie wrap or turkey sandwich for lunch.


Free meals had been routine on certain flights but had gradually phased out in the 1990’s. Then after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the meals disappeared altogether. Delta has concentrated on not only returning meals, but offering better quality meals than what was offered in earlier days when passengers joked about whether or not airplane food was real food.


Other new additions have been added to give the customer a great flying experience and stand out amongst their competition. Delta is offering improved Wi-Fi as well as free and better quality television and movie selections. Delta is taking the lead on making these offerings due to tough competition on lengthy flights.


In addition to free coach meals, Delta will offer meals and snacks for purchase in order to give the passenger more options. Implementing better more improved options is a multi-million dollar undertaking for Delta. They plan to extend the offer to include free meals on 10 more additional flights beginning in April.


With so many competitors including American, Southwest, Jetblue, United, Virgin, and Continental, Delta is poised to take the lead as a top choice airliner with passengers. They had hoped to build better not just bigger, and they are making strides toward to maintain that. Delta understands the investment is more than worth it as long as their customers are satisfied, and want to “keep climbing” with them again.


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