On Friday, 31-year-old Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for his part in the creation of Silk Road.


Silk Road was an online black marketplace that allowed users to buy and sell items and information anonymously. Some of what was sold on Silk Road consisted of illegal drugs, firearms, and personal data. This underground market was shut down by the FBI in 2013.


Ulbricht received the harshest punishment for charges consisting of money laundering, computer hacking, and drug trafficking. The parents of the defendant disagreed with these charges brought against their son.


Picture of Ross Ulbricht’s mother, Lyn, and his father sitting on a couch.

Ross Ulbricht’s mother, Lyn, disagrees with the punishment in disbelief that her son should pay for others wrongdoings. (dealbook.nytimes.com)

“You know there is a big issue of transferred intent here, which is, can you hold an alleged website host responsible for action of the users on his site?” said Ulbricht’s mother, Lyn, to a CNNMoney reporter.


Lyn also explained to the reporter that her son was making the most of his time in prison. He taught other inmates yoga and physics, two things many people wouldn’t associate with a drug kingpin.



A documentary titled “Deep Web” was released on Epix the Sunday following Ulbricht’s sentence. This documentary covers Ulbricht’s trial, and it is also the only film that had access to the Silk Road creator’s family.


Whether or not Ulbricht will get the court’s decision appealed is unknown. However, after receiving national attention, he has gained many supporters who want to see him walk out of prison as a free man.


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