Unlike the majority of A-list movie stars or other groups of celebrities, celebrity chefs have become a very eccentric group of their own. Regardless of which genre of food they cook, every celebrity chef has their own unique personality and accompanying characteristics that sets them apart from any other celebrity in that category. There’s Giada De Laurentiis, the petite and apparently ageless celebrity chef who focuses in Italian food and who’s “Conan” appearance be a few years back made me want to try chocolate linguini. On CNN, there’s Anthony Bourdain of “Parts Unknown” and “No Reservations” who travels to the furthest, most remote locations and samples all types of food and culture. And of course, the GOAT in the kitchen and the Michael Jordan of cooking, the 16 Michelin star-earning Gordon Ramsay.

But of all the greats, none quite compare in regards to eccentricity and general zaniness to the Mayor of Flavortown and only man who American society will allow to don frosted tips after the rise and fall of The Backstreet Boys. Guy Fieri, host of the long-running “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” or “Triple D” to true fans, has made a strange but memorable name for himself in many ways that no other chef has been able to replicate. Along with being the best unofficial cheerleader for The Golden State Warriors besides Riley Curry, Fieri has received ample amounts of attention for his many successful restaurants across the country and partially due to his status as a living meme.


Of all the strange yet entertaining aspects and events related to Fieri, one annual event occurring in Times Square every November might trump them all.


(Guy’s American)

Blowing away Santacon by a mile, FieriCon consists of hundreds of people donning the same frosted tips, leather bracelets and flame shirts that The Mayor of Flavortown wears and having a bar crawl across Manhattan, all ending at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.


“FieriCon is a collection of Guy Fieri enthusiasts who are going on a bar crawl in his honor. It will start at The Hog Pit and end at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar,” the official website for FieriCon reads.


“You do not have to dress like Guy Fieri, but it is highly encouraged.”


With a detailed itinerary that covers several blocks around Manhattan and decently popular bars/pubs such as The Hog Pit and The Keg Room, the creators of FieriCon possibly have a very keen knack for event planning. The itinerary even details exactly how long the participants will be visiting each location for, down to the exact half hour.


The 2nd Annual FieriCon occured on November 18th throughout Midtown and featured well over 100 Fieri impersonators in all their faux frosted tip and Oakley-wearing glory, all looking forward to the final destination of Flavortown. Starting at The Hog Pit, the participants drank Colt 45 and ate a plentiful amount of burgers, all while putting SantaCon to shame (2).


People of all walks of life coming together for a common purpose is always a beautiful sight. It’s even more wonderful when that common purpose is The Mayor of Flavortown himself.


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