No matter how much you love your dad, it’s never easy to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Instead of adding to the collection of well-intentioned, but unoriginal Father’s Day ties, take a closer look at your dad to find a gift which uniquely suits his passions and interests.


In PR, we cater our messages to our audience, but we should also note the importance of catering to our receivers as well.


Here are some of our top Father’s Day picks for every dad that do not involve neckwear.


Nifty lantern for the camping and outdoors oriented father.


The Adventurer

If your dad is happiest when on the road roughing it and exploring new places, the best gifts will be those that complement his spirit of wanderlust and adventure. Invest in simple items he can take along during his adventures, like UCO Clarus Lantern + Flashlight or Ticket Chocolate’s Artisan S’mores Kit. You could also go all out and gift a whole new adventure together with one-of-a-kind experiences from Cloud 9 Living, such as race car driving and paragliding.




Grooming products to help up your father's shaving game.


The Trendsetter

A fashion-savvy dad knows that the perfect look depends just as much on details as it does on the major components. Give him the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with a chic Skagen leather watch or a pair of R.T. Co Passerine Sunglasses. Alternatively, you can take it back to the basics and help dad perfect his grooming routine with an artful King’s Crown shaving kit, made with only the highest quality materials handcrafted in Florence, Italy.





Drawstring backpack and a basketball


The Athlete

Let dad feel your love on and off the court with 94 Fifty’s Smart Sensor Basketball. This nifty invention uses sensors to transfer data to an app on your Apple device which measures muscle activity and provides performance feedback for improvement purposes. Not much of a baller? Help dad track his performance during any workout with a Fitbit Charge fitness tracker or a pair of Sensoria Fitness Socks. The socks track steps, speed, distance, and even exact walking measurements, like foot landing technique.




An assortment of spices and sauces to give your dad for Father's Day.


The Foodie

A dad who loves being in the kitchen or out by the grill knows that good food is a sure way of putting a smile on his kids’ faces. Return the favor with the perfect additions to dad’s flavor arsenal, like a Skillet sampler set, including bacon spread and chipotle pumpkin ketchup. Also consider Mouth’s Grill Scout set, including an assortment of dry rubs, sauces, and marinades.





What are some other creative Father’s Day gifts that you can think of for different kinds of dads? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @tamarahoumi.