We’ve all had those moments where we frantically run around the mall looking for a present for our best friend’s birthday, which happens to be that very night. What ends up happening is that we spend way too much money for a gift we know is not worth the price. All this stress defeats the purpose of buying a gift in the first place. A gift is a present to celebrate the joyous event ahead of us and should be bought with gratitude and peace. Why stress out so much? By planning ahead and following these simple steps, we can eliminate the stress and give a gift we can be proud of without breaking the budget.




The first piece of advice is to buy a calendar and mark it with all the holidays because holidays equal sales. You might think you already have enough merchandise in your closet, but this time you won’t be shopping for yourself. Buy clothes, perfume, jewelry, or home gifts for half the prices you would have normally found two weeks earlier. Even though you may have no use for them now, you will the next time you need a gift. Take all these goodies home with you and store them in your new “Gift Box.” Next time you have a birthday to attend, you can shop from the comfort of your home versus driving all the way to your nearest shopping center. Shopping in sweats is much easier than jeans.


We all know that recycling is an easy way we can help our environment, but little did you know it could be an easy way to help your wallet. All of the gifts we’ve received from birthdays, Christmas, or any other holidays leaves us with items we do not always want but don’t know how to return. Instead of throwing them in your next garage sale, hold onto them and add them to your gift box. Just because you did not like it does not mean someone else will dislike it, too. Of course, you must be careful to not give the gift when the gift giver is present because that could not end too well.


These simple steps not only lower your stress level but they can make gift-giving fun. By planning ahead, you can make sure you’re giving the gift you want, not the gift you were forced to buy an hour ago. And hey, if you ever need a gift for yourself, you know where to find it.


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