Hillary Clinton boasts one of the most impressive resumes in American politics. From First Lady to U.S. Senator to Secretary of State, she’s one of the most recognizable figures within the Democratic party. With that pedigree, it comes as a shock to no one that today she officially announced her bid for the presidency in the 2016 elections. Should her campaign be a success, it will mark the first time a woman has been elected to the office, fresh off the first African-American president. Many long assumed she would campaign in these elections, but her confirmation finally puts an end to the constant speculation of the last two years.



A video released on Sunday portrays Americans from all walks of life “getting started” with their lives. Throughout the video, the various Americans discuss the virtues of hard work and the struggles ahead of them as they seek to build a life for themselves. At the end of the video, Clinton announces that she too is “getting started” with her presidential campaign, and her mission to become “America’s Champion.”




The first Democrat to formally announce a candidacy, Clinton joins Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in the race. When compared with her current competition, we immediately notice Clinton’s vastly different approach to her announcement. While the Republicans’ staged their announcements against the backdrop of enormous political events, Clinton’s video directly targets “everyday Americans.” No drawn out speeches. No vague statements with political buzzwords, like “liberty” and “freedom.” Just a genuine appeal to the varied interests of voters.


This video gets one point across perfectly; Clinton’s long road to November 2016 has only just begun. She faces numerous battles from those who would criticize her. Her involvement in Benghazi, as well as her cell phone scandal have somewhat tarnished her reputation with some Americans. With this video announcement, Clinton has made steps toward showing herself as empathetic and relatable to the average American.


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