Founded in 2010, iREPRESENT documentary film festival (iREP) is an annual event that focuses on developing and nurturing documentary filmmaking across borders in Africa and beyond. iREP is a touring festival held in different locations each year to promote awareness on the documentary filmmaking and recognize filmmakers who are making documentary films that positively impact our societies.


(iREP Facebook)

(iREP Facebook)

This year’s theme was #Change- Documentary Films as Agent Provocateur, aimed to highlight how individuals are pushing for change through the medium of documentary film-making. This year’s event brought together both local and international guests and screened over 40 documentary films. The festival also included a producers’ round-table and filmmaker’s workshop where aspiring talents were trained.


Some of the guests present at iREP this year were Professor Wole Soyinka, Tunde Kelani, Andy Jones, Barbara Off, Onye Ubanatu, Steven Markovitz, and Paul Rieth. Films screened were varied and covered a wide range of topical subjects under the banner of the year’s theme. “China Remix,” for example, explores the African community in Guangzhou, China’s largest community of African immigrants, through the growing entertainment industry. The short documentary shows us Guangzhou through the eyes of three hip-hop artists trying to find their big break in China despite challenges. “Becky’s Journey,” on the other hand, follows Becky as she tries to migrate to Europe for a better life, which she believes she can achieve as a sex worker there. After failing to reach Europe twice, Becky attempts to cross the Sahara to get to Italy.


Other films screened were “Negritude: A Dialogue between Senghor and The Democrat” and “Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984-1992,” which shows the years the African-American lesbian poet lived in West Berlin and her influence on the Afro-German movement. iREP is said to be the biggest documentary film festival in West Africa; it provides a platform to not only celebrate documentary films but to encourage networking between filmmakers and other players in the industry.


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