The caregiver of 6-month-old baby Brandon frantically dialed 911 after the baby fell injuring, himself. It is unclear how the baby had fallen, but she claims that after the fall, he would not wake up. The babysitter claims she tried three separate times to call 911 for help, but her calls never got through to the operator.  


The baby’s mother, Bridget Alex, rushed home from a funeral she was attending to drive her son to the hospital. However, by the time they arrived, he was not breathing. They got to the hospital just over an hour after the first 911 call was made. Within the hour of their arrival, the doctor pronounced baby Brandon dead, making Alex’s worst nightmare a reality.


The babysitter tried to call 911 three separate times.

Officials claim cell phones have been randomly dialing 911 flooding the Dallas emergency call center with “ghost calls” all at once. There were reportedly up to 422 calls coming in at one point, some with long wait times. 911 calls are supposed to be answered within 10 seconds, however the babysitter’s third 911 call kept her on hold for more than 30 minutes.


It is a problem that has reportedly been an issue since November 2016 and has not been fixed. As of yet, no one has been able to predict when the surge in calls will take place, and likewise have no way of preventing it from happening again. Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings called the 911 issue outrageous, and demanded the problem be fixed right away, adding, “if it takes longer, I want to know why.”


Meanwhile, Alex blames T-Mobile and the City of Dallas for the loss of her son, and for failing to quickly alleviate the problem of failed 911 calls. Once everything is back to normal, it will still be too late for this grieving mother. She stated, “At the end of the day, I’m still going to be here hurt, because he’s not going to be here,” Alex said tearfully. “I’m not going to get to see him, or smell him, or touch him, or kiss him ever again.”


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