The Vatican’s formal recognition of the state of Palestine was a means to start the peacemaking process between Palestine and Israel, but Israel doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.


A treaty was announced last Wednesday that officially recognized the state of Palestine in the eyes of the Vatican. This symbolic gesture of international relations was meant to spark a similar reaction from Israel, who still doesn’t recognize Palestine as a state after its establishment in 1988.


The Israeli government immediately expressed their disappointment over the treaty, believing that this event will set back the peacemaking process rather than push it forward. Despite Israel’s disappointment, the Vatican still planned to go forward with diplomatic relations.


Pope Francis and President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands in greeting

Pope Francis visited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last week after the Vatican formally recognized the state of Palestine. (

On Saturday, Pope Francis met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City following the announcement of the treaty. As per tradition, the two diplomats exchanged gifts with one another during their meeting. Francis gave Abbas a medallion representing the angel of peace to symbolize Abbas as also being an angel of the sort.


After the meeting between Francis and Abbas, Israel still had nothing positive to say about the Vatican’s treaty. Israel plans to look over the document before deciding how they will react.


Pope Francis is staying positive that peace can be made between the Israelis and Palestinians. As long as attempts to create a dialogue among the two states continues, Israeli-Palestinian relations will remain possible.


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