This past Tuesday proved to be a victorious turning point for the Democratic party. Partially due to the overwhelming disapproval of current governor Chris Christie, Phil Murphy was elected in New Jersey. Also, Democrat Ralph Northam has been elected governor of the constant swing state of Virginia. And in terms of the progressive message that the Democrats often send, it was nothing short of glorious.  Ravi Bhalla, a Sikh councilman of Hoboken, New Jersey was elected as mayor of the city and achieved the honor of being the first Sikh elected mayor in the state.


Danica Roem, a transgender woman who’s equal parts journalist as she is metal singer for the band Cab Ride Home, was elected as a delegate in Virginia and beat the previous long-time delegate who called himself “the chief homophobe”, Bob Marshall. With this victory, Roem was given the honor of receiving the title of first transgender person to be elected to a state legislature. Plenty of other firsts in terms of progressivism occurred on Tuesday, making it a truly historic night.


However, while the victories this past Tuesday will indeed lead to a more diverse America, the progressives and those that believe in diversity aren’t totally out of the woods quite yet.


Judge Roy Moore from Alabama is the Republican candidate for the Senate seat that was vacated by current Attorney General and Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions. Given the fact that he’s a Republican from Alabama, one would naturally assume he’s a strong conservative. Although, he’s arguably the most conservative aspiring politician to ever run for office and he’s earned that title easily. Moore is so far on the right that he’s transcended far beyond classic conservatism such as John McCain and to the point where it’s almost dangerous.


(NBC News)

For starters, he’s been removed from the position of Chief Justice twice for refusing federal orders regarding same-sex marriage and the removal of a Ten Commandments statue from the Alabama Judicial Building. With the case of Obergfell v. Hodges, Moore blatantly ordered probate judges to disregard the federal ruling allowing same-sex marriage, a decision ruled so rebellious by The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission that he received six different violations and was eventually removed from being Chief Justice.


Moore, among many things, was also pushing the “birther” conspiracy theory regarding Obama’s completely fictional Kenyan citizenship and stating that the former President is also a “secret Muslim.” And speaking of Islam, Moore has referred to the religion as a “false religion” and stated that Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota shouldn’t be allowed to be on Congress due to his Muslim faith.


Many Republican politicians have expressed their belief in the right to bare arms. Although at a rally in September, Moore literally pulled out a six-shot revolver to proclaim his pro-gun status, making him possibly the first aspiring politician to do so.


Something questionable about Moore’s past is his affiliation with the Foundation for Moral Law, which he founded in response to his initial firing of being Chief Justice. During 2005 to 2013, Moore drew over $1 million in undisclosed funds from the tax exempt organization, nor did they file their taxes for the previous two years.


Along with his many far-right views that could truly be considered dangerous, Moore has recently been accused of providing alcohol and attempted to initiate a sexual encounter with Leigh Corfman when she was 14 and Moore was 32. Many notable Republicans, such as House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have advised Moore to step down if these allegations are true. Moore is denying these allegations, however.


Regardless of politics, Moore’s controversial positions on everything from same-sex marriage to his brandishing of a firearm at a rally could potentially be harmful.


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