On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada officially ruled that patients who were prescribed medical marijuana can legally use the drug in all of its forms.


Before the ruling, patients were only able to smoke dried marijuana, which can be problematic with some illnesses, such as lung cancer. Patients now have more options to consuming the medication, including swallowing cannabis pills, eating cannabis baked edibles, and drinking tea brewed with marijuana.


Health Minister Rona Ambrosh speaking to an audience

Health Minister Rona Ambrosh disapproves of any use of marijuana, regardless of its medical affects.(cannabisculture.com)

Health Minister Rona Ambrosh does not agree with the court’s recent ruling, even though use of the drug was already legally approved for medical purposes only. “Marijuana has never gone through the regulatory approval process at Health Canada, which of course, requires a rigorous safety review and clinical trials with scientific evidence.” said Ambrosh at a press conference.


Morphine is a regulated prescription drug in Canada, yet the number of Canadians overdosing on the drug has increased drastically over the years. Cannabis doesn’t carry the risk of overdose like that of prescription drugs.


Cannabis oil has helped many people suffering from major illnesses in the past, despite the lack of regulation. 63-year-old Mike Cutler suffered from from liver cancer, and with the help of cannabis oil, he was able to live much more comfortably than when he was on morphine.



In light of the court’s decision, Ambrosh plans on continuing to spread an anti-drug message to the public.

“We will continue to combat it. We will continue our anti-drug strategy, we will target youth with the message that marijuana pot is bad for them.”


If more success stories of Canadian patients living more comfortable and even healthier lives because of medical marijuana emerge, it is possible that more people will begin to understand and accept the court’s decision.


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