With all the backyard barbecues, catching up with friends and family, and relaxing by the pool in the sand, Memorial Day is usually associated with good times and is seen as the unofficial start to summer. Amongst all the fun and relaxing, it is easy to forget what we are actually celebrating on Memorial Day.


Gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery (wikipedia.com)

Memorial Day began as a way to remember and honor those who fought in the American Civil War. Now, it has been extended to commemorate all those who have fought and died for the United States. It serves as a day to contemplate the importance of remembrance. It also serves as a day to think about what these people were fighting for. For many people across the United States, Memorial Day is a time where they remember loved ones they have lost. It is a day where they relive the pain of receiving the news that their solider will not be coming home.



What are the three things one can do to honor those who fought for our freedom?


1. Take a moment and think about the freedom you have to make your own decisions about religion, the right you have to express your voice, and the freedom you have to enjoy a day with friends and family.


2. Thank a service member for the the sacrifices they have made to ensure our right to freedom.


3. Visit a memorial, read the names written, and take a moment of silence for the soldiers who lost their lives for our country.


While you are celebrating with friends and family, make a toast for our fallen armed forces members, and take a moment for to recognize the sacrifices they made so that we can enjoy this day each year. It is important that we remember those that have fought for our country and the life they lead.


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