Since I prefer to be an overwhelming optimist during stressful times, I look at Donald Trump’s presidency as a glass a quarter way full and hopefully not one-eighth full. It’s been close to a year since his inauguration on that fateful rainy day of January 20 and needless to say, he’s certainly made a name for himself in regards to being a memorable president in the same way your friend that gets blackout drunk and thrown out of a bar is memorable.


In the course of under a year, he’s personally mean tweeted about virtually every news anchor that’s spoken negatively about him, called North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un both “Rocket Man” and “short and fat” in an identical manner to a crying 13-year-old girl, refused to blatantly call out the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, and referred to Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” at an event honoring Navajo veterans.


Yet, one accomplishment he hasn’t quite reached until recently was the dubious honor of being completely banned from a location. Sure, Trump speaking at The Academy Awards wouldn’t be as well received as a speech at The Family Research Council, but he’s still physically allowed virtually everywhere as Commander in Chief, until recently that is.


As with many Trump-related controversies, the reason why the leader of the free world is banned from the London borough of Greenwich is because of his rather unprofessional use of Twitter. Instead of calling out sitting American senators directly by name like he’s a rapper involved in a beef, The Oompa Loompa-in Chief retweeted anti-Islamic videos from a Twitter account for Britain First, an ultranationalist, far-right group that many consider to be a hate group.


In particular, he retweeted three Islamophobic videos posted by Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen, a woman who “regularly marched, brandishing a white cross in “Christian patrols” that go through predominantly Muslim neighborhoods. In fact, Fransen is so controversial that her Twitter account that Trump retweeted from is now permanently banned due to its content.


(Huffington Post)

The majority political party in Greenwich is The Labour Party headed by Jeremy Corbyn, which believes in a very Bernie-like style of socialist democracy and is very in favor of workers unions, arguably the furthest thing from Britain First.


Given Trump’s social media support for Britain First and their anti-Islamic views, the city council of Greenwich have made an executive order to officially ban The President of The United States if he were to visit England anytime in the future.


Leader of the Greenwich council Denise Hyland said it beautifully yet powerfully when she said that Greenwich is one of the most diverse of the 32 boroughs in London and that “we are a place that has worked tirelessly to break down barriers. We have no time for people who want to build walls, when we have done so much to break them down.”


While no concrete date has been set yet, the Trump administration has hinted at some point next year. If they stay true to their word, then it’ll definitely be interesting to watch the American president possibly be banned from a British burough.


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