College can be stressful on any student, especially students in medical school. Taking time to blow off some steam is vital for stress management. Nine med-students decided to take a break and unwind as they celebrated their last night before becoming fully-qualified doctors, and they decided to invite a guest that was just dying to party.


In the city of Montevideo, Uraguay, nine interns at Hospital de Clinicas were suspended for drinking alcohol while on duty with a corpse. The students left their shift early and headed to a party. The corpse was left unattended and brought to the party when one of the interns decided to move him to the party. Party attendees even went as far as placing a drink in the corpse’s hand to toast to the start of the party.


College kids partying.

Med-students partied too hard too early with a corpse and jeopardized their entire future. (

The corpse was a man who had recently passed away earlier that same day, and arrangements were being made to take him to a local morgue. The body was later discovered by the man’s family in the hospital restroom after the party was over.


Eight out of the nine interns have since been suspended for a month, which means they will have to wait until next year to qualify as doctors instead of this July. The ninth intern, who was responsible for moving the body, has been suspended indefinitely and under full investigation. Also under investigation are the two superiors in charge of the interns for allegedly allowing the consumption of alcohol while on duty.


We may never know what these med-students were thinking when decided to move that body and drink on the eve of their graduation. All they had to do was wait until their shift was over and celebrate like most students do, with too many drinks at a bar somewhere. All we can assume is that they were probably huge fans of the 1980’s cult-classic film, “Weekend at Bernie’s.”


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