Paris is a beautiful capital city that brings in tourists from all over the world to see the many historical sites and structures, but with increased tourism comes an increased number of pickpockets.


Eiffel Tower employees walked off of the job in protest last Friday after gangs of pickpockets drove them over the edge. The Eiffel Tower was shut down for six hours in response.


These pickpockets do more than just steal money from tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower. There have been up to about 30 of them at the monument; one staff member stated to AFP that the pickpockets “fight among themselves.” One could see how this would be disruptive for both employees and tourists.


The protesters walked off the job because they were also tired of dealing with threats and attacks against themselves and those visiting the Tower. Employees of the Tower want this violence to stop.


Police stand outside the Louvre in response to pickpocketing protest

The famous Paris art museum, the Louvre, is no stranger to the attention garnered from pickpocketing chains. (

In 2013, a similar walk-off occurred at the Louvre Museum after aggressive pickpockets were becoming problematic. Increased number of police were sent to patrol the museum in response.


Currently, the biggest targets of Paris pickpockets are Chinese tourists. This summer, Chinese police will join the efforts in  Paris to catch pickpockets in an attempt to decrease the number of Chinese tourists that are being targeted. This will hopefully decrease pickpocketing as a whole throughout the city.


Although the walk-off was short lived, a message was spread about the alarming number pickpockets causing problems at the Eiffel Tower.


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