A new Public Service Announcement (PSA) that was introduced by Vice President Joe Biden came out this week. It stars some of our favorite celebrities, including Daniel Craig and Steve Carell, The PSA implores men to be a part of the solution and to stand up for women being abused or raped. But did it hit the mark?


On Tuesday, as part of the announcement for the introduction to the PSA, Vice President Biden gave a passionate speech at the White House stating that men are part of the solution to sexual assault — an issue he has followed closely since his work drafting the Violence Against Women Act:


Rape is rape. Don’t look away. Do something. Speak up. Stand up. It’s simply cowardly to raise your hand to a woman or to a child or to someone smaller than you, a man who is defenseless. We need to send a message to men everywhere. You can be part of the solution. We need to send a message to the victims: you’re not alone.


Although there are a few things wrong with some of Biden’s statements — such as the fact that both women and men can be victims as well as the perpetrators — the sentiment is true. Rape is rape; do not look away. If you see something, do something. Speak up, stand up. You can be a part of the solution. Those sentiments are pure and ring true for everyone, no matter your age or gender.


This newest PSA is part of their 1 is 2 Many campaign that focuses on women in sexual assault cases, particularly in college campuses.



According to Jezebel, Vice President Biden personally made all the phone calls to get these famous faces involved. VP Biden, as well as the Obama Administration, hope they will inspire other men to care about sexual assault. VP Biden also commented that as soon as he called the celebrities involved, their automatic response was, “how can I help?”


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