Much like Reddit’s fashioned Ask Me Anything session, President Barack Obama created #AskPOTUS and hosted a Twitter Q&A session.


Users retweeted his initial tweet and attached the hashtag to questions for the Commander in Chief. Some took advantage of this personal PR moment with the president by thanking him for the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. Others contributed messages of their success stories or that of family members.


Some citizens decided to take full liberties and asked Obama what he was listening to at that moment.



As with any audience-prompted informational session, something was bound to be revealed to the public. In this instance, it was more of a witty engagement between POTUS and The Black Keys.



All jokes aside, Obama acknowledged some public based issues, such as college tuition or how to handle growing up.





What everyone can appreciate about our 44th president, though, is his willingness to be real. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, even with his high commanding position. Today, we learned that he who lives in the White House is not a stranger to Outkast or the Black Keys, and even has a guacamole preference.



If you could ask President Obama anything, what would it be? Tag #AskPOTUS and maybe you’ll get your answer! Share your questions with us too, in a comment below or on Twitter @antoinette_8a.