Perfectly executed prison breaks are often only seen in movies because it is nearly impossible to both escape and keep the police off of your trail.


On June 5, two New York maximum-security prison inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat, successfully broke free from the Clinton Correctional Facility. The two men, convicted of murder, have yet to be found after 11 days on the run.


New York city skyline

Two New York inmates escaped through the facility’s piping system which led to a manhole to the open. (

Their escape plan went off with little to no problems. They used chisels and saws to cut through brick and steel in order to make their way through underground pipes until they were able to come out through a manhole.


How did two inmates of a maximum-security prison get their hands on the tools they required to make their escape? The prison’s tailor, Joyce Mitchell, supplied Matt and Sweat with hacksaw blades, chisels, and drill bits. Mitchell was also set to be the inmates’ getaway driver, but she couldn’t go through with it when the time came.


Prior to the escape, Mitchell was known to have had an inappropriate and possibly sexual relationship with both Matt and Sweat. Her relationship with Sweat was so well known at the time that there was an investigation surrounding it and the inmate was moved out of the tailor shop in an attempt to separate the two.


If the prison was aware of this alleged relationship, why was Mitchell allowed to be in a position where she could supply the men with tools? Two dangerous inmates might still be behind bars, if greater actions were taken to keep the men separated from Mitchell.


So far, Mitchell is the only known accomplice that aided in the escape. There is currently an investigation to find others who may have played a part. Investigators have looked into hundreds of the prisons employees and contractors, but Mitchell was the only person to be brought up on charges.


Hopefully, the escapees will soon be caught, and stricter preventative measures will be taken in the future to stop this from happening again.


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