“Flint” is a Lifetime Original Movie based on the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The movie will star Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Betsy Brandt, and Marin Ireland. Cher was to also star in the film but backed out at the last minute citing a serious “family crisis.” Bruce Beresford will direct the project, which is set to begin production next week in Toronto.


Queen Latifah is the executive producer of the project along with Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, and Katie Couric. The film will focus on three real-life activists fighting for Flint residents and their right to clean water. It is an issue that has been ongoing for years and has improved to some extent. However, the film takes place during the height of the arising issues with Flint’s water quality.


The “Flint” movie will chronicle the Flint, Michigan water crisis

Furthermore, Flint residents have had the issue of mistrusting officials who have told them the water is safe to drink, when that was not the case. Flint’s water problem began in 2014 when city officials decided to switch to the city’s main water supplier in Detroit to the Flint river in order to save money. What they did not bargain for were the many problems that would arise from their decision.


Officials made no effort to treat the water after the switch was made, and prior to residents using it. Yet, from the beginning, residents noticed the difference. They complained of the color of the water and the foul odor. What Flint residents may not have known is that the water was not just foul smelling but dangerous.


Pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha conducted a study in 1,700 children living in Flint and found elevated blood lead levels. Pregnant women, including their unborn babies, and young children were the most vulnerable. Once officials saw the threat associated with using the Flint river as the main water source, they switched it back to Detroit water source. However, the damage from the water’s exposure was already done.


Everyday Americans took to the streets in protest continuing the fight for clean water for their families and community. They had been fighting since the beginning of the switch, yet their voices were unheard. The movie will bring the story of these courageous individuals who were willing to fight against the status quo despite opposition of the powers that be.


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