North Carolina recently passed a bill that openly discriminates against the LGBT community. Also known as the “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2 was signed into action by Gov. Pat McCrory. It prevents local North Carolina governments from passing their own anti-discrimination measures. Specifically, the bill bans transgender individuals from using the bathroom in which they identify. The strong and growing resistance of the bill is gaining in popularity throughout the public, and has especially elicited strong oppositions from the transgender community.



“North Carolina” was trending on Twitter shortly after the passing of the bill. Many people took to the social media website to share their opinions on the subject with hasthtag, #WeAreNotThis. The controversial passing of the discriminatory law also grabbed the attention of many influential business owners, politicians, celebrities, and corporations.



 Being personally affected by HB2, 26 year-old Adam Plant was quick to respond. The Wake Forest grad student posted a response to Gov. McCrory on Facebook stating:

“This is what trans looks like, Gov. McCrory. I am trans, I am queer, I am a lover, a writer, an actor, and a singer. I am a person of faith and when I was formed from the dust of the earth, the same breath of life that filled your lungs also filled mine. Do not mistake your privilege for superiority. It will not serve you forever. But for now, at the risk of sounding crude, suck it, McCrory. I am trans, and I am not going away. Deal with it.”


Plant’s post currently has been shared thousands of times since its posting and has over 6,000 likes. Plant also told Buzzfeed News, “I had been struggling all weekend to articulate how I felt about the passing of HB2, but couldn’t find the words to express how I was feeling. It has been so overwhelming. The support and affirmation I have received has been incredibly moving.” The post was successful in the advocation for the community in which the bill targets. He has sparked the much-needed attention to help in the fight for equal rights in America.


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