After multiple instances of North Korean citizens defecting from their country, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has decided to keep a closer watch on his workers, especially those stationed abroad.


In June, a North Korean biochemical weapons scientist fled a research center bordering China. He brought with him 15 gigabytes of data on human experimentations that are taking place in North Korea. Since his escape, the scientist has defected to Finland with plans to reveal the information with which he fled.


Multiple North Korean government officials, workers, and sailors have also recently deserted to other countries. Kim has become suspicious of his citizens that are working abroad after the frequent runaways.


Kim Jong Un stands and looks through a set of binoculars

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un (

The North Korean government has started “calling back some of its representatives posted abroad to verify what has been going on,” said an anonymous source to the Latin American Herald.


Why is it that so many North Koreans are attempting to escape their country at this time? According to an unnamed defector, he left for the purpose of escaping Kim’s “reign of terror.”


If the scientist’s data proves that human experiments are occurring in North Korea, then it will help shine light on the motive behind the recent runaways. The director of the US-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Greg Scarlatoiun, believes that the scientist’s claims could be accurate.


“We have been told similar stories in the past that human experiments are carried out in prison camps,” said Scarlatoiun.


For the time being, the specific contents of the 15 gigabytes of stolen data can only be speculated. This coming July, the information will be presented to the EU parliament. Hopefully, the full extent of the experiments will be revealed at that time.


Now that Kim is keeping a close watch on possible defectors, it may be much more difficult for North Koreans to find asylum outside of their country.


What impact will this leak of information have on North Korea once it’s announced. Will we see an increase in the North Korean Defection rate? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.