Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton showed their dominance in the voting polls after winning for their political parties on Super Tuesday that took place on March 1st.


According to Super Tuesday election results, the Republicans are calling Trump the overwhelming winner in the conservative south; he clearly demonstrated more power over the other GOP candidates by winning in seven different states. However, in the states of Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas, Republican Ted Cruz proved his popularity by winning votes and continued to keep up his pressure on Trump.


On the Democratic primary side, Clinton’s electability has recently been receiving threats from political rival, Bernie Sanders. His gains in popularity were displayed on Super Tuesday, especially within the younger demographics and dominantly liberal states, such as Minnesota, Colorado, Oklahoma, and his home-state of Vermont, where he won by significant margins. However, Clinton seized the victory by sweeping wins in Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Georgia for seven out of the eleven states that participated in Super Tuesday. Clinton has a vast amount of support within the southern states on the Democrat side; of course, Clinton also has a foothold in women voters, where Sanders lacks a niche demographic of voters.


According to the major media reports so far, Trump and Clinton show promise of achieving their political party’s nominations, but the race is far from finished. There are a number of state primaries ahead that have the ability to heavily influence the outcome of the election.


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