The legalization of marijuana is usually seen as a political platform for a younger generation. Marijuana legalization is a great way to earn the young people’s vote, but it can also be political suicide among everyone who is old enough to remember the Vietnam War.


In recent years, the push for the legalization of medical marijuana has gotten its share of political spotlight, with 23 states allowing the use of marijuana as medical treatment. Both Colorado and Washington established recreational marijuana taxation and sales, and two more states — Alaska and Oregon — are in the process of doing the same.


Texas is seen as one of the last states to even consider a push for legal marijuana. Texas has a reputation for being a Red State and being stubborn when it comes to progressive ideas that may not align with certain religious beliefs.


This past week, it was those same religious beliefs that inspired the proposition of a bill for full legalization of marijuana in Texas.


Painting parody of "The Creation of Adam" with Adam passing a joint to God.

Texas representatives shocked all by showing support for legalization of marijuana. (

Texas Republican representative David Simpson is the man behind the bill, and his argument in favor of the Lone Star State’s legalization has often been called “the gateway drug.” Simpson asserts that God created marijuana, so it is immoral for the government to ban it.


What is even more shocking is that the Tea Party is also in support of Simpson’s bill, calling it a Christian case for legalization. If a Democrat would have proposed the same bill, the oftentimes drastic Tea Party would have probably demanded that Representative be drug tested.


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