Over 30 people were killed and 200 wounded following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium last month. The violent events shocked the people of the United States, bringing not only fear to the public, but also additional discrimination against Muslim communities.


Over 60 percent of American Muslims have faced some kind of discrimination in the past year based on their religion. Anti-muslim rhetoric is highly prevalent throughout today’s society, especially after the terrorist attacks in Belgium. Republican presidential candidates also expressed much distrust towards Muslim groups. Texas senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz proposed after the attacks that Muslim neighborhoods should be patrolled and secured.

“It’s very simple. It’s doing what law enforcement does in any circumstance. If you have a neighborhood where there is a high level of gang activity, the way you prevent it is you increase the law enforcement presence there, and you target the gang members to get them off the street.”



Many have taken offense to the Republican candidate’s dramatic statement. President Obama followed Cruz’s proposal stating that his plan was “un-American” and “counterproductive.”

“One of the great strengths of the U.S. and why we haven’t seen more attacks in the U.S. is we have an extraordinarily successful patriotic, integrated Muslim-American community. They do not feel isolated. The notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. It’s contrary to who we are. And it’s not going to help us defeat ISIL.”


Minneapolis, MN is home to America’s largest Muslim Somali community. There have been several hundred reports of attacks against Muslims in the city, just in the past four months. Asma Jama, a Muslim currently living in Minneapolis, describes to CBS how a woman on the street smashed her face in with a beer mug for speaking Swahili. According to Jama, the attacker yelled at her to “go back to her country.”

“It has changed me completely, and I do not have trust in anybody outside. I cannot go outside by myself. These people who use Islam to kill people have killed so many Muslims. I’m not a terrorist, I’m an American citizen, I want what’s good for this country. I want to leave in peace, just like everybody else.”


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