Nothing makes Christmas more special than coming home for the holidays. Still, what makes the holidays even more spectacular is what we come home to–especially if it is a town decorated in sparkling lights, snow, garlands, and ribbons.


Some communities in America are crazy for Christmas — so much so that the whole town engages in activities that celebrate the holidays right after Thanksgiving ends.


Below are the top 5 towns inspired by lists from Country Living and HGTV. It’s time to start living that “Stars Hollow” experience!


Woodstock, Vermont

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Woodstock is a scenic town with just over 3,000 residents in central Vermont. What makes the town very unique during the holidays is that each year they host an equestrian parade with over 50 horses and riders. The parade kicks off a weekend called “Wassail Weekend” which celebrates medieval traditions. During the holidays, the residents decorate the town with wreaths, garlands and lights, making the town look like a real-life Christmas card! (Woodstock Chamber of Commerce)


Overall, the holidays are never dull, especially in these holiday hometowns.


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