Popular news platform, The Daily Beast, is constantly releasing articles against Bernie Sanders using the argument of that he is not electable. However, the news company’s anti-Sanders approach is due to a conflict-of-interest with the Clintons.


(The Odyssey Online)

(The Odyssey Online)

The Daily Beast has been strongly pushing Democrats to vote Clinton by releasing articles such as, “Dear Bernie Fans, a Vote for Him is a Vote for Trump.” The majority of the statements presented by this and other heavily biased Daily Beast articles are simply poorly supported allegations that show obvious favor for Sanders’ current political rival, Hillary Clinton.


The Daily Beast’s reporting couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Sanders is the most electable candidate out of both parties. According to a new poll by Quinnipiac University, Sanders defeats every single Republican candidate in terms of electability. American voters support Sanders with margins of 4-10 percentage points when the Vermont senator is put up against any of the Republican candidates. Meanwhile, Clinton either loses or ties with leading Republicans.


Why does The Daily Beast want the public to think Sanders isn’t electable? The Daily Beast is owned by IAC, or InterActiveCorp, which is an online media and Internet company. Currently residing on the board of directors for IAC is Chelsea Clinton, who serves as the vice chair of The Clinton Foundation and also happens to be the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps, the content being created on their platform is not backed up by facts and polling, but it is instead being controlled by this third party influence.


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