2016 Presidential candidate and Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, declares herself as a civil rights activists and a Democratic Progressive. However, facts and finding from her past, and even her present, have proven to show contradicting information. Clinton’s associations with Wall Street, her constant contrasting opinions on civil rights, her neoconservative views, and her history linked to a Republican background are all legitimate explanations as to why Clinton’s trustworthiness is being tested by the American public. Clinton simply does not match up to her current political rival, Bernie Sanders, when it comes to ethics and views of the Democratic party.


Clinton refuses to release the transcripts of paid speeches she has given for Goldman Sachs, something she has been pressured to do by the media, public, and other candidates. She stated in an interview with ABC’s This Week:

“Let everybody who’s ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances release them—we’ll all release them at the same time.”


Bernie Sander’s responded with this follow-up-tweet:


The Presidential candidate also positions herself as an involved civil rights activist, however her history proves otherwise. Clinton campaigned for Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, in 1964. Goldwater was strongly against desegregation and voted against the Civil Rights Act. Meanwhile, Sanders was fighting to desegregate the University of Chicago and was a strong supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Clinton has even publicly admitted that her original political beliefs were based on conservative views. Not only did Clinton serve as a Goldwater Girl in 1964, but she has since been in support for The Iraq war, Keystone XL Pipeline, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a Syrian no-fly zone. Additionally, her constantly changing views on LGBT rights and her openly-expressed neoconservative beliefs contribute to the skepticism of her progressive legitimacy.


Based on Clinton’s actions, it is unclear whether her set of beliefs are genuine or if they are influenced by whether or not she considers it to be politically expedient.


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