Of the many suburbs and and other unique areas of Dallas each with their own set of characteristics, Carrollton is host to a multitude of interesting places. Of those many locations, there’s an excellent place for anyone who’s a huge fan of everything encompassing the Korean culture. About 20 minutes northwest of the metropolitan area of Dallas in Carrollton, there’s H Mart, a combination of a food court featuring many edible delights and more bento boxes than one could imagine, a miniature shopping mall and a vibrant grocery store containing many aisles of some of the rarest and most exotic foods imaginable.


In the heart of the surprisingly large Korean community in Dallas and conveniently located just off George Bush Turnpike, H Mart not only caters to only one nationality specifically. Even if one isn’t Korean, as long as they love being entirely immersed in another culture then you’ll have a blast even simply walking around the aisles. In addition to an almost endless amount of delectable Korean cuisine, they also have clothing stores and even random little kiosks for cell phone accessories. When you’re within the complex shopping center that H Mart is, you’ll truly feel that you’ve travelled across the world instead of just across Dallas.



During The Dallas Korean Festival though, the place becomes a madhouse in the best sense. The festivities are so large and so crowded that they pour out into another nearby shopping center called Carrollton Asian Plaza. Almost anything imaginable at a cultural festival such as live performances from well-known and well-loved Korean bands such as Gwang-Gae-to Samulnori, G2, Crying Nut and Na Woon Ha and free samples of many, many different authentic foods.


Of the almost infinite amount of samples provided for absolutely free, my personal favorite was the bibimbap, which translated literally means “mixed rice.” And wow, does it certainly earn it’s name. In a traditional dish of bibimbap, beef is mixed in with seasoned spinach, eggs, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and Korean seaweed. And for you Ron Swanson-like super carnivores out there, then bulgogi, which are thin and marinated slices of either beef or pork cooked on a stovetop griddle, will be your very special cup of tea.


Hosted by The Korean Society of Dallas and sponsored by various other Korean organizations throughout Dallas, the Korean Festival is a true testament to the vastness of the Korean culture in Dallas. The Korean Festival, ripe with all type of delectables and perfect examples of Korean hospitality, also doubles as a benefit for The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  


If you’re in the Dallas area, then the cornucopia of restaurants, shopping centers, kiosks and grocery stores that makes H Mart is a must, especially if you’re a lover of Korean cuisine.


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