With this past very tumultuous presidential election where literally anything that could possibly happen did in fact happen and often with disastrous results, over 300 million Americans realized the very valid lesson that anything could happen and that literally anyone could be elected President of The United States regardless of political experience. When the game show host-turned President Donald Trump was elected, it caused a wave of celebrities all stating that they may run for public office.


Several celebrities, some of whom don’t get overly political, have expressed their personal interest in running for various public office positions. Legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey, never one to avoid political matters, has stated her interest in running for president due to Trump’s presidential victory. On a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, movie star and former WWE World Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stated his intentions on running for Commander in Chief to such a degree that he announced lovable actor Tom Hanks as his vice president. Regardless of their announcements of intention to run for President, Winfrey and The Rock haven’t said whether they’re 100 percent serious about their announcements.


Also, Facebook finder Mark Zuckerberg and one of my favorite musical artists, Kanye West have declared at least a slight attempt at running for public office. Although West’s admission of running for president was during an almost never ending tirade at The 2015 MTV Video Music Award and later ended up helping with Trump, West has stated that he may run in 2024.


Another celebrity who’s stated his intentions of running for Commander in Chief has already been decently politically active in the previous election in regards to Trump firing off a few signature mean tweets about him due to some criticisms. Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks and businesses such as Landmark and Magnolia Theaters, is a notorious Trump critic by creatively saying that Trump is unfit for the Presidential office by calling out the many Trump tirades on Twitter and the  unprofessional disrespect towards other politicians.


(The Hill)

With the influx of celebrities declaring presidential runs, Cuban certainly hasn’t withdrawn his name. And off the bat, Cuban already has minimal political experience because with all due respect towards Dallas mayor and former Pizza Hut CEO Mike Rawlings, Cuban has committed many charitable actions for The Big D. After the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last year, Cuban gave $1 million to Dallas Police to enforce stronger security in Oak Lawn, a popular LGBT area. That, and Cuban portrayed the president in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”.


While he’s an excellent representation of my city, he’s flipped-flopped his intentions on running for president. Cuban has stated that even through his frustration with the Trump administration, he’s willing to assist them in terms of the economy and business. Although I personally feel that he would be an incredible president, Cuban has stated more skepticism about running than concrete plans.


Among many concerns, Cuban stated that a complete lack of privacy comes with being president and that he’d prefer to spend his personal time with his family as opposed to the very public life of a politician. But Cuban has also stated that if he were single, he’d certainly run for the position.


Even though a Cuban presidency would be interesting, he is married with three children, a far cry from being single. Due to this, a Cuban presidency might be a longshot beyond a Sharknado sequel.


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