Even with the influx of many different types of digital entertainment devices, board and card games surprisingly still have a decent following among various demographics of players. Whether it’s family Monopoly night or poker with the guys, non-digital games has maintained it’s following and usage in the Millennial age of streaming, tweeting and Snapchatting everything. Anyone would assume that board games have gone the way of BetaMax tapes and MySpace, but you would be terribly wrong.


Of the many board/card games either seeing a new resurgence of popularity or creating a new game entirely, none have quite garnered the following that Cards Against Humanity has. What started as a humble Kickstarter campaign to simply create a more adult-centered and politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples has become so much more than a party game. They’ve become a witty company with a very apparent sense of humor towards their customer base and they’ve essentially trolled them on numerous occasions.


For instance, Cards Against Humanity removed all products from their website in 2014 and replaced all their products with a bag of sterilized bull feces. And over 30,000 boxes were sold. In a similar manner, the company livestreamed a video of a bulldozer digging a large “Holiday Hole” in Oregon, Wyoming and dug the hole deeper as money was donated. And to answer your next question, this wasn’t raised for any charity. They even explicitly stated so and still raised over $100,000.   


I’m not kidding in any way, either.


Cards Against Humanity seems to have a dedicated fanbase and they know their clientele like the back of their strangely witty hands. I say that because of the new and creative way that they’ve made it back into the news that involves trolling the unnecessary plans of the Commander in Chief himself.


(Chicago Tribune)

As many of you know, one of the many ridiculous and somewhat impossible plans that President Trump promised during the campaign was building a 1900-foot wall across the US-Mexico border which he claimed that Mexico would pay for. Of course, Mexico didn’t pay nor reimburse America for the potential project. However, the Trump administration has laid blueprints for a border wall.


To combat this, Cards Against Humanity has purchased a plot of land along the border to essentially ensure that the wall won’t be built. By having a law firm on retainer that specializes in eminent domain cases, the Chicago-based card company will essentially make the process of building the wall as difficult as possible. The very practical joke also comes with an almost required donation of $15 and comes with some new cards as well.


Card Against Humanity didn’t hold back on their feelings on Trump, either.


“Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans,” their website read.


Along with being hilarious in the face of such a useless and somewhat xenophobic border wall plan, Cards Against Humanity has committed possibly the funniest form of trolling outside of a 4Chan forum.


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