Last week, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump if a woman should face criminal punishment if she has a banned abortion. After being continuously pressed on the subject, Trump’s shocking response perfectly exemplified his “pro-life” views.


The Republican candidate believes that women should face some kind of punishment if they have abortions. He blatantly stated, “The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment.” Trump’s answer lacked major specifics, as he was unsure of what the exact punishment would be.



Matthews also asked Trump if he thought a man should have to take responsibility for the abortion as well, to which the candidate responded with, “No, I don’t think so.”



Shortly after MSNBC released clips of the interview, the Trump campaign quickly tried to rescue Trump, by stating that they actually do not think there should be a complete ban, and that his stance is considered “Pro-life with exceptions.”


The insanity of Trump’s response and portrayal of these extreme views has infuriated much of the public. Many Progressives and Republicans alike are also showing negative responses towards Trump’s statement. Also, the likelihood of gathering more female voters — a demographic he was already doing poorly in — has dramatically decreased for the candidate. This shocking statement of his beliefs has hurt his campaign tremendously.


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