The popular taxi service, Uber, has decided to suspend their carpooling app UberPOP in France after facing pressures from French taxi drivers and the French government.


Late last year, a ban was set on Uber in France starting January 2015. The reason behind the ban was that it created unfair competition for taxi drivers since the cost of Uber’s service was much cheaper. Taxi drivers also have taxes and insurance costs that Uber employees don’t need to pay since they aren’t registered drivers.


Uber refused to suspend their app following the ban. Registered taxi drivers heavily protested the company when they didn’t comply. As the protests continued into June, France’s Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve ordered a ban on UberPOP. This still wasn’t enough for Uber to follow the ban.



The protests started to turn violent, which caused the head of Uber France, Thibaud Simphal, to worry about the well-being of Uber drivers. On Friday, Uber finally made the decision to give into the ban and suspend their app.



Chaos ensues on a street in France during a violent protest of Uber

When protests turned violent, Uber finally decided to suspend its already banned services in France. (

“We have decided to suspend UberPOP in France from 20.00 [19.00 BST] this Friday evening, primarily to assure the safety of Uber drivers,” said Simphal to the French newspaper Le Monde.


Uber’s drivers may have to find a new job after the apps suspension, but now their lives are no longer in danger.



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