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Panel at Future of Digital Publishing

(MUI Daily News/Rafeeat Aliyu)

Digital publishing is growing globally; everyone is either online or considering it. These days, anyone can claim to be a digital publisher if they upload online. Although Nigeria is new in terms of digital publishing, the huge growth in the sector has created many opportunities.


In a panel on the future of digital publishing, trends identified in the sector included audience growth and the strength of video. As internet connectivity expands, there will be an increase in the number of people accessing content published digitally. This growth will likely lead to an increase in investment in what is being published. It will also lead to competition, thus there will be a need for innovative thinking in publishing. Panelist Tolu Ogunlesi, recently appointed special assistant to the Nigerian government, pointed out that the increasing popularity of short video clips, as well as comedians who have gained success on platforms such as Instagram, suggests that video is going to be big.


This being said, the digital landscape is constantly changing; platforms are evolving, however no one can fully replace the other. As such, it is more viable to combine several platforms and use them effectively.


It is important to remember that consistent content is key. Those considering digital publishing should not let fears of others stealing their work hold them back. Everyone produces differently, and this is guaranteed to make anyone stand out. It is necessary to take that risk and be brave enough to put your work out there.


While doing this, keep in mind that advertisers are more willing to work with digital publishers that have value and reach out to audiences that are relevant for them.


As digital publishing is still relatively new, the onus is on individuals to work hard and stand out. To stay on top of the game, digital publishers should study what is happening elsewhere in the world and figure out how to adapt. Digital publishers need to be willing to do the hard work that comes with their interest, to push the product, and brand they are selling. Digital publishers need to be savvy in constantly uploading well-defined content. As audiences grow, there may be a need to ensure that both visitors and advertisers are suitably engaged with content.


Challenges identified in the digital publishing field in Nigeria include the slow speed and high cost of the internet in Nigeria. Monetization is another big issue, as there remains a need to ensure people get paid for their work.


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