In the inexplicably popular land of unfiltered madness and chaos that 21 million people visit every year that I not so lovingly call my former employer, Magic Kingdom, one ride has somehow stood the test of time by not only utilizing American history itself but also offering pristine air conditioning against the hellish, brutal Floridian sun. It’s become a must-see staple not only for history buffs but for Disney buffs and the select few who love animatronic robots instead of finding them unsettling like myself. I’m sorry, I’ve just played “Five Nights at Freddy’s” a tad bit too much.  


The Hall of Presidents located in the Liberty Square borough of Tragic Kingdom perfectly encapsulates the overall theme of colonial America that the area’s based on. Opening with Magic Kingdom in 1971, The Hall of Presidents has made animatronics for every person that has sat in The Oval Office long before and ever since it’s construction. Whether they were universally respected like Abraham Lincoln or caught in repeated scandals like Bill Clinton, every president has an animatronic robot based on them, albeit a little creepy.


HOP, Trump

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While not as popular as its neighboring attractions such as Haunted Mansion, it’s still on plenty of guests’ itineraries. And last week, Disney kept their promise to every sitting president no matter how controversial their term has been. They unveiled their newest addition to The Hall of Presidents, a slightly less orange version of the Commander in Chief that strangely doesn’t say the word “bigly“, “yuge” or “covfefe” nor does the robot mean tweet about world leaders at 3 AM.


Yes, it’s an animatronic version of President Trump, but it looks more similar to a hybrid of Trump and one of his biggest supporters, esteemed actor Jon Voight. Imagine a less orange Trump mixed with Voight into a robot that looks almost scared at its own reflection. Not only did this become the fodder for many memes, it became excellent material for the many late night hosts who are critical of Trump which, spoiler alert, is all of them.

“Disney World, was that supposed to go in The Haunted Mansion?” Seth Meyers said on “Late Night” after warning his viewers of the disturbing appearance.


And just like every other president in the Hall of Presidents, Trump has his own lines that the animatronic robot speaks through a pre recorded segment.

“From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people. At our founding, it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our independence.”


Given the many disturbing comments that Trump has made, I think we can all rejoice that Disney decided on that quote from his inauguration for the robot to speak. Although it’s painfully obvious that the quote spoken wasn’t written by Trump in any way, never are there any references to “Crooked Hillary” or “Lying Ted” or eating well-done steak with ketchup.


Seriously, who eats steak well-done and with ketchup?


Of the many ways that Trump will be remembered once his turbulent presidency is over, this is arguably the strangest yet most hilarious so far. For every one of the millions of families that visit that hellish behemoth in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, they’ll be reminded of him.


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