The Associated Press (AP) and Fox News are among the journalistic entities that are being closely monitored by the FBI. National Security Letters were used to obtain information on reporters from these entities including phone records. It was revealed that there were secret rules involved for allowing the FBI to obtain information. The Freedom of the Press Foundation then sued the Department of Justice on behalf of journalists.


Why Is the Government Spying on Domestic Journalists?

These two entities are the only two so far that have been targeted. AP is an authority in the world of news as they have been in operation for 170 years. They have set the standard for how news is written and delivered to audiences. They were the first private news sector to operate nationally, and are often first to break news as they operate from 100 locations, and collaborate with many partners worldwide.  


As of December 2016, Fox News was ranked the “Most Watched Basic Cable Network” with 2.48 million viewers. The news source consistently overthrows its competitors in profit, despite its apparent culture of dissatisfaction among employees and unhealthy employer/employee relationships. The entity was in the news itself when Gretchen Carlson publicly sued Roger Ailes, Fox News CEO, for sexual harassment. Oddly enough, that has not stopped the world from watching the network.


The DOJ has supposedly issued rules for how the FBI goes about obtaining information from the news sources, however, those rules have been watered down to the point of non-existence. The Freedom of the Press Foundation has therefore taken steps to help journalists be more secure as they do their jobs in reporting news. They can take advantage of these tools and resources through the foundation’s website. Doing so will enable them to defend their rights and continue to do great reporting work as journalists.


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