After facing heavy criticism recently from the Republican party, presidential candidate Donald Trump may consider running as a third-party member.


Trump was first under fire by the Republican party when he made incendiary comments about Mexican immigrants. Republican candidates publicly disagreed with Trump’s views on the character of immigrants as a whole. This was only the start of the Republican party versus Trump battle.


On Saturday, Trump bashed Senator John McCain by saying “he’s a war hero because he got captured. … I like people that weren’t captured.”



Republican leaders called out Trump for his comments immediately after they were made. Many Republican candidates made statements telling Trump to issue an apology for his remarks.


Donald Trump should apologize immediately for attacking Senator McCain and all veterans who have protected and served our country,” said presidential candidate Rick Perry.


Trump told CNN that he has been asked multiple times to run as an independent candidate. After receiving criticism over his statements against McCain, Trump told The Hill that his decision to run as a third-party candidate will be based on “how I’m being treated by the Republicans.”


If Trump decides to change things up, what would it mean for the Republican party? Ralph Nader made the switch from Democrat to Green party candidate in the 2000 election, and it may have been one of the reasons Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.


In an interview last week, Nader explained the situation the Republican party may find themselves in if they push Trump away.

“The Republican Party establishment is playing with nitroglycerine when it goes after Donald Trump and tries to minimize him and exclude him. … Because a jilted Donald Trump as a third-party candidate can blow the presidential race wide open and turn it into a three way race.”


For the time being, Trump is a bomb for the Republican party, and if they poke him the wrong way in the coming months he could blow up, potentially changing the election for the whole party.


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