During the winter season, our clothing is limited to items that we no longer have any use for when the weather starts to get warmer.   Before you pack away those winter pieces to make room for your warmer weather items, there are few things you need to consider to ensure that your pieces maintain their original condition until fall.


Below are five easy ways you can keep your winter clothes pristine in storage.


1. Clean all clothes before storing Moth larvae, silverfish, and carpet beetles are attracted to dirty clothes and can create holes or even shred them, so make sure you wash all clothes before storing them away. You can choose to hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean them.


2. Find a favorable storage area The most favorable areas to store winter clothes are clean, cool, dark, and dry areas. These areas can be in the closet, under the bed, or underneath the stairwell.


3. Use boxes, and be careful with hangers Use new, clean boxes with lids to store your sweaters and pants. Do not use hangers to hang your knitted clothes, like sweaters, to avoid excessive stretching.


4. Use lavender instead of mothballs Mothballs are great for fighting the infestation of moths, but they release pesticides that can be harmful to humans — and they smell bad. Instead, use lavender; it is eco-friendly and smells heavenly.


5. Regularly check on your storage Do not just store your clothes and then forget about them. Always check to make sure your clothes are in great condition, and that there is no damage to your storage box.


Have you started storing your winter clothes yet? Please share some of your tips and let us know if you find ours useful, or you can tweet me @LindaAmaechi.