Good marketing and PR is best achieved when a brand is able to captivate an audience — to tell the audience a story, set themselves apart from other brands, and most importantly, leave a positive lasting impression.


In the world of fashion, what better opportunity to accomplish all of the above than fashion week season, when each runway show is an opportunity to showcase designs, present a unique concept, and leave the audience wanting more.


Check out four of our favorite runways from this season’s NYFW shows, and see why each has earned a special place in our memories and on our list.

FTL MODA’s diversification of the catwalk with disabled models

The FTL MODA Loving You show completely challenged the image that pops into most of our minds when we think of what we expect to see, or rather who we expect to see, walking down a catwalk. In collaboration with Fondazione Vertical, an Italian foundation that supports research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, FTL MODA featured disabled models from around the world. Among them was British personal trainer Jack Eyers, whose participation in the show made him the first male amputee in history to walk the runway. FTL MODA’s unique diversification of the runway not only served as an inspiration to those who suffer from disabilities themselves, showing them that these disabilities need not hold them back, but also redefined how we perceive beauty and strength.

Tommy Hilfiger’s football-themed runway show

During fashion weeks around the world, we see an abundance of designers who try to take their shows to new heights by rethinking the catwalk and creating not just a show, but a full-on experience. In his show this season, however, Tommy Hilfiger has approached the task with a new twist. Rather than execute a whimsical runway show intended to transport us away from the mundane, Hilfiger rooted his show in a concept that could not be more simple and familiar: football. In doing so, Hilfiger created a unique concept that managed to make the visually endearing but sometimes unattainable essence of high-fashion runway looks suddenly seem a lot closer to home. It allowed his brand to speak to wider audiences on not just a fashion level, but a cultural level, and cemented Hilfiger as a designer that embraces high-fashion without losing site of simple roots. Not to mention, it looked pretty darn awesome.

Libertine’s dance-infused catwalk

The most memorable part of fashion label Libertine’s NYFW show had little to do with the models walking the runway or the kind of runway they were walking down. Rather, the most memorable aspect of the show was the moment that abandoned walking altogether. After individually walking down the runway to showcase each look separately, the models then joyfully danced their way down the catwalk for their final “walk.” For a show already infused with bright colors and bold patterns, topping it off with the kind of fun energy that is embodied in the clothing itself could not have been more appropriate. Beyond its reflection of the Libertine label itself, this final dance reminds us about some of the most important parts of fashion: self-expression and having fun.

VPL by Victoria Bartlett’s virtual acrobatic fashion show

In a stunning presentation that combined fashion with motion and body arts, activewear label VPL’s NYFW 2015 featured an all-female group of rhythmic gymnasts, acrobatic hand-balancers, and breakdancers who together performed bits of choreography to the sound of classical violins and modern beats. Aside from the unique performance, VPL’s show was memorable in a different way: it featured no live audience and was done entirely via live stream. Not only is a clear example of the application of popular technology in a new way, but it completely changes a fashion week runway show as we know it, eliminating such famous aspects as the coveted “front row.”


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