It is often said that when you look good, you feel good. What they don’t always say is that when you have a great shopping experience, you feel even better.


We found a great shopping experience in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Brentwood is known for its cutting edge fashion and exquisite style.


One of their famous scarves (

One of their famous scarves (

Accentz Boutique in Brentwood, located on San Vicente Blvd, is unique among these stores and stands out because it offers quality merchandise including fashion jewelry and handmade jewelry from local designers. At Accentz, you find the atmosphere of “by appointment only” boutiques without the attitude or high prices.


Accentz Boutique’s owner, Mattie is one of the main reasons the store is so successful. When you walk in into the store, she makes you feel like you are part of the family. She helps you find your look, and gives you honest feedback. Her excellent customer service is one of the many reasons her clients say her store is the best-kept secret in Brentwood.


Before opening the store four years ago, Mattie started her business as a wholesale vendor, supplying accessories to hotels in California. Little by little, she built her clientele and finally was ready to take on the challenges of opening her own store.


She has a vast variety of styles that work with anyone’s look. From casual day to day outfits to a fabulous dress for your next hot date.




Due to her overwhelming success, Accentz now distributes fashion jewelry to stores all over the United States.


It’s hard to stand out in one of the fashion capitols of the world. When you feel like you’re getting a personal shopping experience every time you walk in, it’s hard not to come back. If you don’t find what you need, Mattie will make sure she has it for you the next time you come in. Not many places truly care for the clients satisfaction in this way.


If you are in the Los Angeles area, check out Accentz Boutique. You can also check out Accentz Boutique online at or on Facebook.


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