Heels are great for work, date night, special events, and really whenever you want to dress up your look. But what about when you aren’t in the mood to be business casual? There is a time and a place for heels, but sometimes it feels nice to push the pumps aside and throw on some sneakers. No, we aren’t talking about the gym, or the dog park. Sneakers can be work with your regular day clothes to add a sporty spice to your look, and we are here to show you our favorite ways to style the combo.




This is one of our absolute favorites. This entire look is from J.Crew, and we cannot get over its perfection. Crisp white sneakers, slouchy boyfriend jeans, and a sharp navy blazer are the perfect balance of casual and put together. You can recreate this look with any pair of light colored sneakers, boyfriend jeans an a navy top – with or without the blazer, its up to you – to create a nautical weekend getup.








Another look we love is this bright combo from Lucky Magazine. Bright Nikes and skinny jeans may seem like an unexpected combination, but in this case they work well together. We also like the idea of wearing a v-neck t-shirt instead of the long sleeve one in the picture and cuffing the jeans. There are so many combinations, our one piece of advice here is to keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral when wearing really bright shoes.








Our final pick is this modern sports luxe outfit from the blog Eight Days A Week. The combination of slim, black running shoes; leather pants; and tan jacket somehow hit the spot just right. The athletic shoes give the outfit a carefree swagger and help tone down all the leather pieces. Since the rest of the outfit is all black, the tan jacket adds the perfect amount of color. To recreate this look, you can look for black sneakers and jeans, even regular black jeans would work well if you can’t find leather pants. Another way to wear a similar look would be with black harem pants.






No matter what direction your fashion sense goes, there is a combination of athletic sneakers and jeans that will work for you. Try to stay true to your personal style. If you wear a lot of black, start out with a black combination. If you are more carefree, opt for the bold colors and light t-shirts. The idea is to coordinate the style of shoe with the style of the outfit.


What is your favorite way to wear athletic shoes outside of the gym? Comment below or tweet me @LydiaYekalam