Floral prints and bright pops of color are classic summer go-to’s, with fluorescent shades filling every shop side window. Too often we shun our favorite little black dress and ditch our slimming black tee during the hottest months of the year. But there is something about black that we always come back for, whether it’s the slimming effects, mature polished aura, or minimalistic appeal. Why, then, do we feel that we have to avoid black like the plague come summer? Who says black can’t be worn in the summer, anyway? Something this good shouldn’t be saved for just three seasons, but incorporated all year round.


Vero Moda Racer Back Maxi Dress (www.asos.com)

Vero Moda Racer Back Maxi Dress (asos.com)

Olivia from xoJane agrees with us. “I wear black. That’s it,” she says. “And if your clothes are always black, you never have to match anything.” Her favorite summer find is this dress from Asos. “Everybody needs this,” she says of the simple racer back maxi dress.


Australia-based model and blogger Margaret Zhang is another fan of black for summer. She tells Elle Magazine some of her favorite color tips: “[dressing] head-to-toe in one color gives the same elongating effect as a jumpsuit.” To achieve a head-to-toe monochromatic look this summer, try pairing a black tank top with some black harem pants, like these from Nordstrom for only $29.99. Tucking the shirt in will give your figure an hourglass shape, and the airy fit will keep you cool in the summer. Of course, shorts are a cooler option for hotter days, but if you are after the elongating effect that Zhang suggests, pants are your best choice.



(Adam Glassman/O, The Oprah Magazine)

(Adam Glassman/O, The Oprah Magazine)

Adam Glassman from the O, The Oprah Magazine says “Black is a universal, multiseason color; in warmer months, it just needs to feel lighter.” His advice is to look for iry, diaphanous fabrics, and breezy dresses. He also recommends relaxing the bold shade with “accessories in natural textures like raffia, wood, and leather.” Another one of his favorite tips is mixing black with khaki or white to give it a more summery feel.


The best things about buying your favorite staples in black is that it is so easy to create new looks over and over again by mixing up your accessories. Since black matches everything, you can completely change your outfit by adding a silk scarf, or some bold costume jewelry.


Kellee Khalil from the Huffington Post has a genius idea for summer weddings: buy one amazing little black dress and re-wear it to multiple events. Instead of buying a new dress every time, she suggests spending money on accessories that match the theme of each wedding. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you will have the opportunity to splurge on cute accessories you otherwise might not have bought.


No matter what the occasion, black is always a good choice.


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