Are you ready to take on a more casual fall look? The great heights reached by sky-high heels may not actually be in style anymore. Who would have thought that chic skirts and dresses could pair so well with trainers? Well, these are not your everyday athletic shoes. When dealing with Chanel, nothing is as simple as it seems. That is exactly the sentiment Paris Fashion Week attendees grasped at the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 show.


Earlier this year, the Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a Chanel Supermarché, under the supervision of icon Karl Lagerfeld. Models went grocery shopping in the most sophisticated daywear you’ve ever seen. Haute leggings, metallic tulle and demure coats were matched with sleek sneakers, a trend Mr. Chanel has been promoting as of late.


It may be a little unrealistic to witness his models pushing shopping carts full of food, but the designer remains passionate about his vision. His supermodel in a supermarket campaign also featured Rihanna in the print lookbook, lavishly outfitted in lavender tweed with the companion athletic shoe.


Athletic wear also shuffled its way into the hearts of another French fashion house; the like minds at Dior debuted the trend for fall as well. The “Dior Fusion Sneaker” may be a model of craftsmanship, but it certainly will cost you your limbs. The shoe comes in five different styles and commands an extreme price of $1,250. Whoa, I know. Can Dior really get away with this?


Yes, the sneakers may be incredibly chic, but will consumers make the switch over from trusted athletic titans like Nike or New Balance? There’s a whole lot of beauty in these campaigns, but beauty fades. The actual economics of the trend may hurt the designers. Perhaps the designers don’t mind if the trend flounders; perhaps they care most about the artistic creation. Who really knows what they desire to accomplish moving into athletic wear?  It could be too early to decide the fate of these crazy beautiful shoes, but fall and winter waits just around the corner.


How much of the couture/sneaker mashup can we expect to see? Who will fork over their pennies to indulge in the trend? It may be shopping in style but this trend might be more of a deluxe vision than an actual reality for most. I’d love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro