Carrie Hammer is your new favorite person. In an attempt to change the industry, Hammer replaced your typical runway models in the New York Fashion Week show for her collection with her personal role models.


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“My own perception on beauty is that every single woman — or person — is absolutely flawless.” Rather than have women strive to fit into her dresses, she custom makes her clothing line to fit women of all shapes and sizes.


Hammer continued her ground-breaking and much-needed opinions into New York Fashion Week this year by using her role models instead of the usual runway models. In an interview done by Elite Daily, Hammer stated, “right now, the trend is very Eastern European looking and that’s not very realistic for most women. I think it’s a really bad message to send to women and definitely to young girls that this is the ideal body type.”


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Hammer collected a group of working class, professional women to walk in her show. These women consisted of lawyers, teachers, doctors and a range of other professionals. However it was Hammer’s good friend and role model, Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, that stole the show. Not only was she stunning but she has made history: she is the first-ever model in a wheelchair to hit the runway.


Dr. Sheypuk is a clinical psychologist, and specializes in issues with sexuality and dating among the disabled community. The first time Sheypuk and Hammer met, Hammer commented on Sheypuk’s shoes, and called her “the Carrie Bradshaw of people in wheelchairs.”


Hammer also explains that when she was casting her role models, Sheypuk was not her first choice because she is in a wheelchair: “she’s a role model to me: she is a doctor, a powerful, beautiful woman, who happens to be in a wheelchair.” Sheypuk stated she “didn’t want to be the token girl in the wheelchair. It was about integrating disability and fashion in a seamless way. That’s what we strove to do and I think we accomplished it very well.”


If you want to watch the full interview with both Hammer and Sheypuk, check it out on YouTube.


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