Sophistication is second nature to your being, and perfection is something you have no option but to insist upon.” – Charles Owo

Luxury has a rich history – a Legacy. The bustling fashion capital of the world, New York City, is the center of where treasured aspirations and dreams are born.

A man by the name of Charles Owo had a dream of entering the elite world of men’s luxury fashion. Beginning in 2010, Charles began designing the ultimate in savoir-faire men’s jackets and ties and followed with ready-made luxury accessories, centered in the world’s fashion capital, New York City.

Inspired by Coco Chanel, Charles designed the CHARLES OWO Collection to be unarguably meticulous and pristine in every stitch and fabric. Each accessory in the CHARLES OWO collection is hand-stitched by Italy’s finest artisans . The underwear, silk ties, ascots, bow ties, and pocket squares each have that sublime quality worthy for the modern man.

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