When you look at someone’s face, their eyebrows are not always the first thing you notice. However, what people do notice is the difference between a good pair of eyebrows and bad pair. Although disheveled brows are sometimes good enough to pass, a clean pair will truly open up your face and help you look put together. If you find that you are applying more makeup everyday and you are still not content with your look, you may want to look to your eyebrows. Even though they may not be the direct source of your problem, chances are they will most likely help you fix it.


Eyebrow Waxing (www.beautytips.com)

Eyebrow Waxing (beautytips.com)

If you have never taken much care of your brows, consider going to a professional the first time. Be aware, for a good eyebrow wax it may cost you anywhere from $20 to $50. Although it is a lot of money, for your first time it is well worth the splurge. A good esthetician will help shape your eyebrows in a way that will compliment your face.


Warning: Do not wax the day of a special event. A thin layer of wax will remain on your face, and you will have some redness. Because of this, makeup will not stick to your face, and it will be very obvious that you just waxed, as the redness will be quite prominent.


After the first time, try to maintain your brows by tweezing. After too much time, plucking each and every hair will be overwhelming. Instead, try plucking hairs as they grow to keep the shape of your brows. Our favorite tip? Brush your teeth with one hand and tweeze with the other. Just catching two or three hairs like this every morning will save you a lot of time in the long run. Plus, you have to brush your teeth anyways, so you might as well multitask.


Threading (www.materialisticmusings.com)

Threading (materialisticmusings.com)

Don’t wax your own eyebrows. This will seem like a quick fix solution, and chances are it has already crossed your mind while you were reading this article. Unfortunately, waxing at home is extremely unpredictable because you do not have direct control over what hairs you are ripping out. Because of this, over waxing is almost unavoidable, and you will end up with disheveled eyebrows.


If you have sensitive skin and are prone to breaking out, try threading. Threading is an Indian technique that is better for sensitive skin because the thread only grabs individual hairs, whereas waxing pulls on the skin as well.


Insider tip: Apply rose water to the skin around your eyebrows to clean pores and reduce redness.


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