Writer’s Note: This article is the first in a “Standout Entrepreneurs” series that focuses on individuals whose intellectual prowess and successful ventures are making an impact across the industry segments they represent.


Oye Diran is a self-taught photographer in New York City (NYC) who has created quite the name for himself. He began his career in 2010 as an event photographer, under his first brand, FE Photography. Diran taught himself the basics of photography by reading photography books and watching how-to videos, but in the end he says “skill is also gained through experience and through trial and error.”


Oye Diran (Artisa Imagery/Oye Diran)

Oye Diran (Artisa Imagery/Oye Diran)


Diran’s time as an event photographer gave him incomparable skills and the ability to capture raw emotion in his images. Since establishing himself in the industry, Diran has created a new photography company, Arista Imagery, which launched in 2012. The company has published editorial, wedding, and lifestyle images that are in various magazines around the world such as Peppermint, AFROELLE, New African Women Magazine and Zen magazine.





Through Arista Imagery, Diran creates signature images that combines bright pops of color with detailed motifs. Another technique that sets Diran apart as a photographer is his ability to create photographs that elude both elegance and luxury in any location. One of his photo sets, “Nirvana,” depicts a girl standing in the middle of an average city street, dressed from head to toe in an eclectic combination of neon, iridescent clothing and plaid. This otherwise contradictory outfit comes to life, and suddenly becomes undoubtedly cohesive in Diran’s beautiful photograph.


"Nirvana" (Arista Imagery/Oye Diran)

“Nirvana” (Arista Imagery/Oye Diran)

Clients and fans of Arista Imagery, love Diran’s outstanding photos because they stand apart from other photographs. In a time when minimalism has become synonymous with modern, Diran is able to create beautifully intricate sets and photos that are bursting with life, and an incredibly modern flair.


Diran’s photography work is also unique because he incorporates attributes from different parts of the world. For example, in his “Fashion Envie” photoshoot for Beau Monde Society, Diran combines traditional African themed colors with modern fashions to create a timeless editorial piece.




"La Dame Bleue” (www.aristaimagery.com)

“La Dame Bleue” (Arista Imagery/ Oye Diran)

In addition to his editorial shots, Diran’s portrait photography is absolutely breath taking. By nixing the bold outfits in these shots, and instead opting for strong hair and makeup, Diran is able to focus primarily on the models themselves. His collection “La Dame Bleue” is a perfect representation of his strong portrait photography skills. In “La Dame Bleue” the model is shown from the shoulders up, with no visible clothing. Her hair is pulled back in an elegant chignon and her makeup is clean but bold, with a strong blue lip and thick blue eye shadow. The result is absolutely stunning.


Diran is an artist whose years of dedication to the practice are obvious in each and every one of his photographs. Diran’s photos are captivating, drawing in the observer with his innate eye for detail and art.


"Fashion Envie" Campaign (Arista Imagery/Oye Diran)

“Fashion Envie” Campaign (Arista Imagery/Oye Diran)

We love each and every one of Diran’s photos so it was hard for us to choose a favorite; however, when we asked him, he said his personal favorite was the image he shot for last year’s “Fashion Envie” Campaign shoot for Beau Monde Society, and has been published in a handful of magazines around the world as well.



Diran’s photography work is undoubtedly bold, incomparably unique, modern and timeless.  We look forward to seeing his future projects.


For more information, or to view more of Diran’s artwork, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


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