Aside from the jaw-dropping and mind-blowing designs showcased at the runway shows during fashion week, another show we look forward to seeing is street style fashion.


At the  fashion week showcase in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, the “street stylers” did not disappoint. They are often the most fashion-savvy people in the world and they always know how to shut down the streets in their creative designer outfits.  So, what are the odds that some of them will show up spotting the same outfits? Well, as it turns out, the odds are very high.


Strip Fur Coat. (Melodie Jeng/The NYC Streets/ImaxTree

Strip Fur Coat. (Melodie Jeng/The NYC Streets/ImaxTree)

This fashionable duo showed up wearing the same stripe fur coat but styled differently. We love how you can see each woman’s personality in the way they wore the coat.  One is cheerful and bubbly, and the other is mellow and chill.


So, who wore it best? If we were to choose, we would go with the lady on the right. We love how the colorful coat lays on top of her white shirt and boyfriend jeans. The bag is an added bonus.





Plaid Coat. (Tim Regas/ImaxTree)

Plaid Coat. (Tim Regas/ImaxTree)

Are you still unsure of the plaid trend? We hope not! Both ladies are definitely rocking this plaid coat. Each styled to fit their personal aesthetic.


Who do you think wore it best? We vote for the lady on the right. We love the simplicity of her look.







Multi-Colored Skirt. (Tim Regas/Getty Images)

Multi-Colored Skirt. (Tim Regas/Getty Images)

We really enjoy and appreciate how the personal style of these two ladies are completely different from each other.


The lady on left toned down this multicolored skirt with a black turtleneck while the lady on right turned it up with a print top and a chunky belt.


Who do you think wore it best?  We’ll leave this one for you to answer.  Sound off in the comments section below.



What do you think about these looks? Let us know in the comment section below who you think wore it best. Or tweet me @LindaAmaechi.