Owning the latest and greatest in the industry has always been the goal for fashion enthusiasts. However, not everyone has access to the capitol or resources needed to own a progressive closet. Often, the fashion industry – designers, stores, magazines – are the ones to tell society what is in and what is not. This means to have the latest and greatest, you would also have the same products that every other fashion enthusiast has. Which, in a roundabout way, results in the cold hard fact that even though it is the latest, it may not be the greatest.


T-Shirt Cut Out Dress (www.justmakemescream.tumblr.com)

T-Shirt Cut Out Dress (justmakemescream.tumblr.com)

To solve this problem, the Do It Yourself movement was created. The DIY movement empowers young creatives to make fashion-forward products themselves out of basic and cheap materials.


This opened many doors for people in the fashion world. Certain styles or trends are no longer exclusive to the general population. College students and teenagers finally have an economical way to wear clothes they’ve only dreamed of, and it is as simple as learning how to cut and stitch.


The best part about making your own clothes or altering clothes you own is that will help you stand out from the crowd because what you are wearing is definitely one of a kind.



Another plus is that cutting clothes makes them edgy. It makes them edgy not only because they have a “raw” or “rugged” look, but because you are straying away from the fashion super powers that have for the majority of your life been telling you what to wear.


Diced Denim Shirt (www.trendhunter.com)

Diced Denim Shirt (trendhunter.com)

Some would say that shopping in expensive stores while on a budget is a waste of time, but we disagree. Even if you are looking to create a DIY project or cut some clothes you already have in your closet, see what styles stores are highlighting and then if any of them fit your fancy, create them yourselves. Window shopping isn’t something to be ashamed of anymore, it is now Inspiration Shopping.


Finally, remember that just because you may be cutting things, doesn’t mean they have to keep their rough edges. Use a sewing machine to hem your new look, if you want it to look professional rather than rugged.


For more inspiration, take a peek at Cut-Up Couture: Edgy Upcycled Garments to Sew, or stick with a few basic cuts — like cutting sleeves off t-shirt, cutting bottom half off of shirt, and cutting bottoms off of pants — to edge up your wardrobe.


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