Not all heels are created equal. Have you ever noticed that some pairs of your heels are more comfortable, even if they are the same height as other, less comfortable pairs? Maybe you thought that the thicker in width the heel is, the most comfort it will offer? Maybe you think your comfort level simply has to do with the height of your heels.


Forget everything you think you know about heels: this is your down-low on how to get the most comfort out of your high heels (and how to buy the right ones).


Sock Stuffing (

1. Sock Stuffing: For some of us, you might notice that one foot is bigger than the other. There is a simple solution for the too-tight heels: sock stuffing! This will help break in the shoes as well as slightly stretch them out to provide a tiny bit more room for your feet.


All you have to do is stuff your heel with lots of socks, and leave it overnight. You can also hit it with a blow dryer to get faster results, but be sure to keep moving the blow dryer around to make sure you do not damage the shoe!


2. How to put them on: Before even putting your heels on your feet, you should be sure that your feet are moisturized; dry, cracked feet will not withstand your favorite heels for long. However, if your feet tend to sweat throughout the day, rub some antiperspirant on them before heading out. Just make sure the active ingredient functions as an antiperspirant, not a deodorizer.


If your toes are prone to blisters, wrap them in surgical tape or moleskin to prevent blisters. You can also find padding (like this one from Heavenly Heelz) that you can line the back of your heel with that will prevent it from digging into your Achilles heel.


Woly Little Kitten Insoles (

3. Insoles: Insoles are the best tool around to make shoes you already have more comfortable. Take your most uncomfortable pairs of heels in your closet, and try them all. Notice what exactly about them hurts. Is it the ball or heel of your foot? Does the shoe rub a toe the wrong way?


If you notice that your weight is always shifting to the ball of your foot, be sure to get some ball/toe insoles. They make a word of difference. If you find, however, that the heel of your foot is what is getting a beating, get full insoles.


The best insoles that are engineered in Germany specifically for high heel pain are called “Little Kitten Insoles.” They are relatively inexpensive at about $17, and do not make your heels tighter. It is the best investment to make sure you get the most out of your high heels.


Blue Platform Heels (

4. Picking the right shoe: The number one cause of pain in your heels is when the shoe itself shift around your center of balance. In other words, you want to make sure that when you are standing comfortably, your weight is centered in the middle of the heel. That is why it is crucial to get heels that are not too far back; they need to be under the heel of your foot.


Another important note to take when buying your shoes? The heel thickness (the thicker, the better!), the security (if your feet slide around, you will get blisters), as well as rigidity (avoid wedges that are made of wood and other rigid materials). Also, be sure to get shoes that have a platform, as the soles will provide more comfort.


In short, pick rounded toe, platform shoes with a centered heel, and you cannot go wrong.


What do you think of these tips and tricks? Have you tried any of these before? What tips would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!