Coachella has come and gone, and now you might have a few bohemian fashion items that are uselessly sitting in your closet until next year. However, most of these items just need a little extra attention to pull off in a more casual setting — particularly, the gladiator sandals!


One designer that is particularly excited about incorporating the gladiator sandals into their catalog is Free People. Free People is a very bohemian brand with lots of flowing fabrics and interesting designs that are incredibly unique. If you are looking to buy a pair of gladiator sandals, check out their collection to get a good foundation of the different styles to choose from.


If you have bought yourself a nice, neutral color (nude, tan, brown, or black), your options are vast. If you have a color that matches your skin tone, the straps of the sandal become a subtle lace-up and an accessory in itself. You can then pair your gladiator sandals with a wider range of outfits.


Different ways to style gladiator sandals (

There are plenty of styles and outfits to pair your sandals with; if you are just starting out, the easiest style tip to remember is that the higher up your leg your sandals are, the more feminine your outfit should be. Channel your inner Jessa from “Girls,” and pair your knee-high gladiator sandals with your most feminine and bohemian outfits. This is a match made in heaven; it gives great depth and balance to your whole look.



Spotted Harem Pants (

If you have shorter gladiator sandals, your options are open-ended. Try pairing them with pants that have unique patterns, like these Spotted Harlem Pants from Forever 21.


Since these pants and the gladiator sandals will be the center of attention in your outfit, add a neutral white top to draw some attention upward and balance your look.


To really round out your chic boho look and bring everything together, make sure you are picking out accessories that are bold and fun, like bangles, bib necklaces, and pendants on long chains. Try a big, chunky necklace, like the one paired with the F21 Spotted Harem Pants; it is perfect for the style your gladiator sandals will give off.


Gladiator sandals are begging for attention and take a little more time to style than most other sandals, but the end result is worth every extra minute you spent getting ready for the day. The next time that you are out shopping, keep an eye out for outfits, accessories, and other little things that you can pair with your gladiator sandals.


How to you style your gladiator sandals? What is your favorite outfit to wear with it? Post in the comment below or tweet me a picture @kateeb790!